POTW 5/15/2016


#1 Sentimental with Past & Present

I saw a wall of big photos capturing the Smith Corona typewriter and that really got a kick of my memory admiring how fast my brother typed with the old mechanical typewriter. I treasure the greatness from past and present but mindset always stay in the past. Hence the antique liking soul in me with b&w film photos.

Apology of non-Pentax picture posting. I thought I shot it with K-5 and Tamron 17-35 f/2.8-4.0 and I did shoot with the gear but the above was shot on a different time with A7 and Tokina 20-35. I had actually shot better and memorable pictures from K-5 and Tamron. It was a mood thing and sometimes my photos don't come out with a good vision and it has the least effect with the gear but more on the lighting and my vision and state of mind. The above was in trash bin state in my LR catalog until I turn B&W in Nil correction likely with Kodak Tri-x 400.
#2 Pink Thistle

K10D and Tamron LD Di 70-300mm
This was an ancient photo of mine shot in 2008 with K10D. I re-edit with Color Efex Pro and I think I try either Velvia or Provia. Now that I stare at it for minutes, I wish I remember the film that I choose on emulation. And I miss the funky and fringy zoom with Tamron as I occasionally love the on-the-mood type of shots on close up. Now that I don't have any zoom as I sold my DA 55-300 and DA 60-250 preparing myself to get the DA 55-300 with WR, I am free to revisit my long zoom need.

#3 Colors In Darkness

I saw quite a few discussions on bokeh rings that is oval or the preferred type of circular. I went to my archive of photos and I do see circular and ovals (cats eyes) in others. The above was shot with Voiglander 40mm f/1.4, likely wide open -- I saw both with only circular in the middle ones while the rest seems like oval shape. I love my FA 43mm f/1.9 but the bokeh rings have edged shapes like a hexagon and I prefer the FA 77 as they come out more rounded and smooth. I still remember the cats eye bokeh rings from my past Cosina 50mm f/1.2. They are all different and I actually don't mind the cats eyes bokeh rings as long as they are smooth and not distracting.


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