Happiness On Post Processing & Retouching Photos

There is no right and wrong in editing to fine tune a picture. I can sometime go overboard in the retouching department

b&w version
by Hin Man, on Flickr

I know many of you or a retoucher may like the original one instead

Happiness In Blue
by Hin Man, on Flickr

I edited both pictures but the b&w is my refinement and vision in flipping the action from left to right for comfort of viewers. It is more natural for me to view things from let to right. I can't fathom any retoucher will see the way that I see my pictures. But I do think professional retoucher will know more how to best a picture to another level. I am open to find a retoucher for trial.
My brother in law is a professional shooter for wedding and he hands his work to his company and the rest goes to retouchers as well. I know that is likely the most logical way to make money in scale. As an amateur and enthusiast, I find it not as fulfilling because I find the process in editing photos the most rewarding piece in the process. Taking picture is key but the editing part to mold the final picture into the essence of the photo takes the beating out of an ordinary photo to a great photo and I will be empty without it. Maybe when I finally shoot photos for a living, it will be a very different story.

But I doubt if majority photographers will not have a problems in letting someone retouch their own photos. It is unless someone you know in retouching is better, I will feel uncomfortable if I let someone else retouch my own pictures without knowing the retoucher work. Nobody thinks alike and it is not a partial match in style in the retouching process, I would rather do it myself if I can afford to. What if I like the picture darker and softer than that of the retoucher. Any minute difference will create a different mood and essence on what the picture is shot for. In my view, a good picture always have a tone of color, a view with brightness soothed to the tone and hue, luminosity and saturation on all channels meticulously adjusted for the spirit of the picture. I know I may be exaggerating here but that is roughly what I am thinking.

I will never say no to anything as I am forcing myself to think out-of-the-box on ideas and recommendations on the role of retouching one's pictures by others.


Ana said...

Great work. I like the way you explained the whole processing. Actually retouching work mostly depends on a good photo retouching services and also the person who involved with this work. The editor must have some basic ideas with great creativity. Then the result may come to the prefect desired level. BTW the images you put in this page are looking gorgeous and cleanly bright. Of course it proves the editor's great expertise.

indomakmur said...

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Samantha12 said...

Great retouching job no doubt. But the original happiness in blue looks more attractive and clear seems to me. Yeah, a professional can make the retouching task really well and for online post or any advertising purpose you will find much more photo retouching or photo light boxes. So, if someone is on hunt for best quality then he should try to the best photo lights box with some positive reviews. BTW I enjoyed your thoughtful explanation extremely.

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