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This is a follow up post to Picasa. Besides my fovorite 'Effects' in Picasa Focal B&W, I tend to use the B&W effect quite often. I always admire at people taking a great b&w shot and Picasa comes in handy in turning my colored photos to b&w with tuning.

After I turn my picture to b&w in Picasa, I use the tuning section for adjustment to 'shadows', 'lighting', and 'highlights.' Mostly I tune up both the 'shadows' and 'hightlights' to get a contrasty look in the picture.

But my favorite still remains in Picasa Focal B&W as it helps me to put a focus of the subject in the picture. Ben is in this picture looking over the entrance to Children Discovery Museum of San Jose.

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Harvey Mays said...

The second one is great. As and better alternative I can recommend you to use black and white photo editors from macphun.com/tonality there are unique solutions for MAC users, try to and I think little practice and you can make black and white photos as a professional.

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