WiFi in McDonald

With other suggestion, I manage to get AT&T WiFi that costs an extra $1.99 monthly fee in combination with my existing AT&T Yahoo DSL account. I can use WiFi in any McDonald and there are other locations but this McDonald location is essential for me as I can start working while waiting for the Yahoo Shuttle for work.

And this McDonald is next to a Park & Ride lot provided by Ace transit and I never have a problem in finding a parking space. My commute is never the same and Yahoo shuttle has WiFi on the bus and even though my commute time is much longer than my normal commute with my own car, I manage to work quite effectively from the time starting the wait for shuttle in McDonald to boarding the Yahoo shuttle for work. I am extremely thrilled with the alternative commute to work. When I get stuck in the traffic -- I am literally laughing from my heart out as I am either working with email, IM'ing, updating bug reports or reading the very book that I seldom find time for.

And this McDonald may not be as kool as the Standford McDonald in my previous post with a Piano. But it has charming characters and I have a flickr photo set for the location in all picture links in this blog post.


Anonymous said...

Nice comments about Wi-Fi usage. And the price sounds reasonable, however, if you subscribe to AT&T's High Speed Internet Pro or better you are supposed to be able to access these sites for free. Unfortunately, some advertised sites, like McDonalds in Coos Bay, Oregon says they now charge for their Wi-Fi usage, because, "too many people started using their services after it was advertised by AT&T as "Free" to customers with the "Pro" plan or better. Actually, I believe the manager is just taking advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on a profitable situation.

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