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This is a follow up post to Picasa. Besides my fovorite 'Effects' in Picasa Focal B&W, I tend to use the B&W effect quite often. I always admire at people taking a great b&w shot and Picasa comes in handy in turning my colored photos to b&w with tuning.

After I turn my picture to b&w in Picasa, I use the tuning section for adjustment to 'shadows', 'lighting', and 'highlights.' Mostly I tune up both the 'shadows' and 'hightlights' to get a contrasty look in the picture.

But my favorite still remains in Picasa Focal B&W as it helps me to put a focus of the subject in the picture. Ben is in this picture looking over the entrance to Children Discovery Museum of San Jose.

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Anonymous said...

The second one is great. As and better alternative I can recommend you to use black and white photo editors from macphun.com/tonality there are unique solutions for MAC users, try to and I think little practice and you can make black and white photos as a professional.

Unknown said...

Yeah man, this is really cool effects and by the way one of my favourites too) Its very great that Picasa allowed us to do many interesting things with our photos. Oh, if you dont know where to download the latest versions of Picasa, u can always do it here https://yepdownload.com/picasa on this very reliable service!

Unknown said...

sometimes you dont need any filters or out-app effects, just try some software with auto correction possibility< for example photolemur.com

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