Picasa Straighten & Focal B&W

After starting to use Picasa more, I find 'Straighten' in 'Basic Fixes' in Picasa very handy. It is not obvious to me at first.

When I examine many of my pictures closely, I notice that I have many that are not aligned horizontally when I position the camera vertically.

And I find the 'Focal b&w' in 'Effects' quite useful in that it creates a very different picture from the original


Mikel said...

it's also very helpfull to activate the grid on your z750's screen. this way you can align the grid with the horizon while you take the photo.

Hin Man said...

Yes on the grid feature. I have the 'grid' on all the time, but I tend to forget to pay attention to the grid when I am taking a snapshot. Thanks for the reminder, I have to make better use of the activated 'grid' in z750.

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