Face Detection in Fuji s6500/s6000

The buzz with face detection currently gets my most attention and I am yet to decide between Pentax K100D and Fuji s6500/s6000. For image quality and for the long term, I will go with Pentax K100D. But this dSLR like camera in Fuji s6500/s6000 with face detection is inexpensive and it provides a very decent range from 28mm to 300mm along with the same sensor used in Fuji f30 which has produced very good pictures in low light photography.

The few things that hold me back on fuji s6500/s6000 are the following:
  • Missing official reviews from well known sources
  • Low resolution in EVF. I can't find the specification and I vaguely remember someone mentioning it as 115k or 150k. Some posting from others do mention about poor resolution in EVF but still acceptable.
  • Amount of noise as compared to dSLR
  • AF speed in continuous mode
  • Absense of IS combined with poor resolution in EVF will require tripod for tele zoom kind of situation
  • Perhaps others to be filled as I find them
Overall, though a bit uncertain, I am very impressed and I have high expectations in the upcoming review in various well known sites for camera review.

Links for information (to be updated frequently)

I highly suggest the following link from Adoroma discussing on various EVF kind of cameras including Fuji s6500/s6000, Canon s3, Panasonic FZ50:


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