Why I like Casio ex-z750

I still think Casio ex-z750 is the best compact camera in 2005. It is packed with features and I take it along with me everywhere from going to work to weekend activities with the kids. And I am constantly struggling to take it in possession while my wife is using it on a daily basis at home with the kids for both pictures and video. The video capability may not be important to some but it is very important aspect to me as I find it convenient to take short clips.

And my friend Raj has composed videos on a team outing with bowling in Movie Maker based on short clips from the two Casio ex-z750 that he and I brought to the outing -- Raj bought the Casio ex-z750 with my influence and I am very glad that he is quite satisfied with his purchase.

  • mpeq-4, 640 x 480, 30 fps, with audio
  • 1Gig SD card yields roughly 38 minutes
  • acceptable video quality for web pages

Picture Quality
I find it excellent in good light conditions and the image quality has beaten my expectation from a p&s camera. And it is quite portable that I can take it anywhere in my backpack or jacket. All of my pictures at the moment are taken with Casio ex-z750 as of this writing. With my Flickr account, I use flagrantdisregard.com to build my Flickr profile widget and you are more than welcome to see my pictures in Flickr.

hin_man. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

The camera is packed with extra features with many bestshot modes and it provides manual control on aperture, shutter, focus, change of ISO, focus metering, ev compensation, and white balance etc. through either the menu and convenient bottons on the camera for quick access. Its ergonomics is quite good. One major gripe is on low light performance. It is sufficient to be used at home with flash in close distance but it is not as powerful as the Fuji f30 which is the 2nd p&s that I consider. The other minor complaint is on the mode dial that I find myself frequently hitting on the 'Macro focus' button by mistakes. In short, it is packed with features that I use quite frequently.

And my quest for next camera ended with Fuji F30 in thanksgiving of 2006 and in March of 2007, I have gotten my dSLR with Pentax K100D with kit's len Pentax DA 18-55 and Pentax DA 50-200

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