Imaginarium Sound City Railway Train


My kids and I get very excited with the early toy for Christmas. We thought the Imaginarium is something similar to the Thomas Train. It is not as sturdy and in par with the Thomas Train especially on the wooden track build quality. We got the Imaginarium Sound City Railway Train with table from ToysRus over the weekend for $119. It comes with a table with playboard colored for the sound city railway track, 2 large drawers for the accessory, 115 pieces with 2 trains, 1 helicopter, 1 airplane, and many ultility cars such as towing truck and firetruck. And it costs much less than the Thomas Train, probably less than 1/2 to 1/3 of the Thomas Train.

And the best part comes in the video in the first ride of the battery powered blue train and the darn thing actually moves, lights up over the red bridge and cave, stops at the train station and makes noise as it passes over the cave and few other places in the track. I got it setup tonight, though some tracks are not very smooth in the first ride with derailing, the problem is addressed after we make this video. We are happy customer for the train set.

Update: a similar clip using Fuji f30 is posted in Fuji f30 Video



Anonymous said...

For those people who cannot afford the expensive toy train table look at the instantly downable toy train table plans from the Toy Train Table Plans Store where you can save up to 75% by building your own. It only takes 3 hours to build, it is extremely sturdy and you kids will love it! Madeline

Anonymous said...

where did you buy train set?

Hin Man said...

I bought mine in Toys R Us

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this video. I just bought the same table for my son for Christmas, and I feel better about the purchase after watching your video. I think that 'nudging' the train back into place is a small price to pay for the overall value of what was bought.

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing, I bought them used, but they didn't included the 2 trains, 1 helicopter, 1 airplane, and many ultility cars such as towing truck and firetruck...
I wish I should know before I bought them..they're expensive, and wasn't cheap...U know where I can buy those toys missing? THANKS
pls email me @ thanks

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