Fuji f30 Low Light Video


I have two short video clips done with Fuji f30 that I want to share with others. These are small clips and I don't bother to use SUPER to convert to mpeg4. They are directly uploaded into Photobucket.

First video clip was done in Fuji f30 in Children Discovery Museum and the 2nd was a similar clip done in a different time with Casio ex-z750 in Bestshot night scene mode.

#1 Video from Fuji f30

#2 Video from Casio ex-z750
This short clip was done in another time using the Bestshot Night scene video mode which turns out to be grainier than Fuji f30

#3 Video from Fuji f30
Another indoor video from Fuji f30 was done in Children Discovery Museum. Overall, I am quite pleased with videos from fuji f30. With the SUPER encoding tool, the bulkier size from longer videos in motion jpeq can be compensated with the tool using mpeq4 encoding with h.264 codec.



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