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I started AdSense since late September in 2006 in both of my blog pages. And originally, I setup my blog page intended for trying out Yahoo Publishing Network, YPN. I work for Yahoo in the data warehouse group and I want to explore advertising with my blog pages to gain insightful experience relevant to my job function. In a way, I am reverse engineering my interest to my job duty.

It is unfortunate that I didn't get my YPN account back when I started the mission. AdSense from Google and Blogger have done quite a fantastic job in easy integration and the whole process from requesting an account to embedding advertisement units to my blogger templates and serving up blog pages with relevant ads is almost painless. They do have glitches such as occasional outage of sites and templates not backward compatible in the new Blogger.

I was about 46 cents short from reaching half of my goal in getting first paycheck before year end in 2006. I was a bit unsettled on new year eve. Come next morning, I got that special click that is equivalent to a month click of revenue, it is in the order of 30 times the average click revenue that I get. Not all clicks are the same and I wish I know where that click comes from -- it must be Santa after vacation in South Pole. And I finally get the email from AdSense support requesting setup of tax information to get ready for the very first payment if I ever reach the $100 ad revenue. Yeah, right. Maybe they hire Santa to lure me into not giving up yet half way before reaching the destinated amount.


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