Using SUPER on Fuji f30 video

I have learned it from dpreview fuji forum members on a great tool in converting compressed avi video to mpeg4 and other variants as in flash video in FLV. This is a great tool worth looking into for compressing AVI videos to formats with various codecs. It is not intuitive especially in the beginning. But the encoding is way fast in SUPER!
The download page is buried in few pages after the main page and it is in this link as of the writing of this post
With h.264 codec that comes with super program, I manage to compress the 55 second avi video file recorded from Fuji f30 in motion jpeg from 61Mb to about 9.4Mb
  • input/original
    • avi video from Fuji f30
    • 61 Mb
    • 55 seconds in length
    • motion jpeq
  • output #1 in SUPER using mpeg4
    • mpeq4
    • 9.4Mb
    • h.264 codec encoding
  • output #2 in SUPER using FLV
    • Flash Video in FLV
    • 8.9 Mb
    • h.263 codec in FLV/SWF

And the encoding takes about 3 minutes in my 3 year old Dell desktop. Without much analysis, let me put up some samples of uploaded videos to Photobucket

Original Video:

Unprocessed video uploaded to photobucket.

I used SUPER to convert the avi video to mpeg4 using h.264 codec before upload. The reduction in size from 61Mb to 9.4Mb does save me the time in uploading from roughly 22 minutes to about 6 minutes. And photobucket goes through the same step in converting the final video to FLV. I find the output pretty acceptable comparing to the original avi without processing.

I used SUPER to convert the same avi video to FLV before uploading to Photobucket. The reduction in size from 61Mb to 8.9Mb helps in the upload time to photobucket but Photobucket still takes a fraction of time in the final stage of converting the video to its FLV. At first, I thought that converting to FLV will save the photobucket last step of conversion to FLV and it does not seem to skip that last extra step. Also the FLV from SUPER can only be played in browser without navigation controls of a vidoe player such as Quicktime or Windows Media Player




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