Millionaire For A Day!

Money Tree by Pentax K100D and DA 50-200

I saw this Millionaire For A Day! post from a my BlogCatalog blogger friend Maurica and I try to come up with ideas to join the discussion with meme promotion of blogs.

If I were given a million, I would probably do these:
  • Stop blogging for money or use the money earned from blogging to finance some notable causes for humanity efforts such as world vision

  • Visit family in Macau, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Perhaps go visit some new places with my family that I have been always wanting to explore -- Japan and Europe

  • Equip myself for next visions that the Almighty may have revealed to me in better clarity. I am kind of lost at the current moment of my life. I love photography, people and writing. I am constantly asking Him to tell me what He likes me to do. I am still pretty much lost on what I am here on earth for.

  • Spend and restore all of my lost time with my family from working late nights for work projects and the never ending dreams of mine to be wiser, richer, and becoming a better person with a positive attitude and a cheering smile.
Now Hin wants to know what would Steve, WalksFarWoman, Norski, AdTracker, and Pinyo would like to do if they are given $1million

Instructions : ***Start Copy***

Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00…………………………
Requirements: continue above sentences
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What They Do With Their $1 Million


Anonymous said...

Hi Hin Man - will enjoy doing your Millionaire Meme. When are you sending the cheque??? :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Hin Man! Ok, I see what u mean now :) I'll add u to my list NOW!

U should definitely visit Japan, I went to Tokyo last year and would love to go there again! :)

I hope u do become a millionaire one day, then u can finally spend more time with ur family and take a breather from all the late night projects u've been doing huh?! All the best! :):):)

PS. I will keep u in mind for my next tag/meme! Have a great weekend :)

mike macgirvin said...

If I had a million bucks, I'd probably run a music store and sell guitars.

Oh wait ... I did that already. Never mind... Think next time I'd buy a couple cows and a new tractor. Throw everything else into long term bonds or gold bullion.

Hin Man said...

@walksfarwomon, ha, that is very funny on the 'cheque' question. I am using the wording that I learn from you dear: "visualize and it will come." And it is subject to my visualization of my cheque from Mariuca.

@Mariuca, you are so kind. Thanks for the post and include me on the list. I am a Happy Millionaire of Pennies.

@Mike, thanks for the visit and comment. I have to visit you in Australia hopefully in the near future. I am very interested in a different lifestyle such as yours next to a cliff, a beach and the ocean. Holly Cow!!! My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have not convinced us to move over to New Zealand though I have been contemplating with that idea with uncertainty for job and finance in raising a family of 4. I do need that million to move over. All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

Hin, thanks for thinking about me. I will have to think about what I will do. I will post in a few days.

Brian H. Gill said...

Thanks for providing this exercise in wishful thinking.

If I had a million, I'd tithe, find out what the IRS wanted, help family - and most likely upgrade my computer.

I put a little more, over at Apathetic Lemming of the North, plus a brief discussion of this sort of post.

Seriously, I enjoyed this. Also, you got me thinking about links.

Fun and thinking: can't beat that!

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks for the tag Hin. I just got mine posted.

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