Picasa Highlight

I compose the following shots based on learning from other in forum discussion. Thanks to Millar for the tips and suggestions to make this possible. I don't have Photoshop to post process the image to wash out the background, I use Picasa Highlight to achieve similar effect

Original without any post processing

Using Picasa Hightlight in Tuning section, I adjust both Highlight and Lighting until the background is blown out in white light. Use Picasa sizing slider zoom and histogram to watch the changes in 100% crop so as not to blow out the picture details by the adjustment.

Final version

While in Picasa with 100% crop and histogram in place and notice that I adjust the slider bar on bottom right to the middle indicator to achieve 100% crop

slider in middle at 100% crop

Histogram at normal crop

Few pointers worth noting:
  1. Aim object against back lit environment

  2. Use spot metering to get accurate exposure on the subject

  3. Adjust highlight with histogram and watch the change in 100% crop to avoid excessive blown out in highlight
Another picture to show the back lit environment which is facing a window with lots of light.

All pictures are taken with Pentax K100D and Pentax FA 50 f/1.4

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