Picasa Highlight in B&W

Picasa Highlight with partial blownout

Picasa Highlight with full blownout on background
I just learn from forum that blownout background works better in b&w photo. It is especially effective to bring out a person in the foreground. I try it with a variation on previous blownout attempt and redo the highlighting on a focal b&w conversion in Picasa. Here are the final results of different degree of blownout of the backlit background.

And I do have a sample a blownout sample using Picasa highlight on a person but it may not be a good sample as the original photo in color seems better than the b&w conversion

Picasa Filtered B&W (forget the color channel I chose)

Original color in backlit

Hope readers can comment on what they think as the better one among the two sets of pictures with various blownout effects.

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