Crumpler 2 million Dollar Bag

Crumpler 2 million Dollar Bag
Crumpler 2 million Dollar BagIt is definitely too small for my Pentax K100D but I find it on sale for closing out item in Circuit City. I paid $6.50 out the door -- I couldn't believe it. I bought it as the last one available in Circuit City in Fremont Automall. Some pictures and use of it for my 5 year old camcorder with Canon -- the bag is a perfect match for my dated and a bit bulky camcorder -- Canon ZR 50.

All pictures were taken with my 2nd copy of FA 50 f/1.4 -- the shots come
out quite satisfactory for me as I did it in a rush this morning with fluorescent lighting for added lighting in early morning and pp with Picasa with 'i am feeling lucky' and 'highlight/lighting/shadow'.

Crumpler 2 million Dollar Bag
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Min Liu said...

hi, i put on a google alert for the crumpler b/c i want to get one and saw your post. which circuit city did you go to?

min liu

Min Liu said...

optimism21 [at] gmail dot com

Hin Man said...

I got mine in Circuit City in Fremont right in the AutoMall Exit from 880. It is close to a Costco. And it seems to be on close out items in Circuit City last weekend. As I recall, I see a couple of crumpler's smaller bags in CC but not the bigger ones.

Other places that may have Crumpler bags in store include BestBuy, San Jose Camera and a camera store by the rough name of Keeble & Shuchat Photography in Palo Alto. You can give them a call to check.

clavier said...

Currently, I am using crumpler's smaller bags form my Camcorder and Camera. They perfectly fit to my delicate instruments. I really like it's cover material and design. It can also to store external compartments as memory cards and other little accessories along with Camcorder safely.

Hin Man said...

Thank you for the visit and comment. I can't wait to upgrade my digital camcorder. And I can't think of a better bag for my new gadget with camcorder or a small camera.

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