Setup with Pentax M42 mount lens

I want to drop down what I do when I work with Pentacon 50mm f/1.8, which is my first M42 mount lens. First, you need to purchase a M42 adapter such as the Bowers M42 adapter from BHPhoto. Please refer to previous post on Pentax M42 adapters for detailed information

Bowers m42 adapter for K mount

Genuine m42 and general bowers adapterLeft to Right
1. Tool for 3rd party adapter
2. Genuine Pentax adapter not needing tool
3. General adapter such as Bowers from BHPhoto

For installation of m42 adapter, please refer to the following document
Two custom settings are needed to change in order to get AF confirmation as well as metering with the manual lens.
    • default is 'Not Available, you need to turn this to 'Available' so that AF confirmation can be obtained in M42 lens

  • Using Aperture Ring
    • default is 'Prohibited' and you need to turn this to 'Allowed' so that aperture can be metered in stopping down with the M42 lens.
On my Pentacon 50mm f/1.8, the aperture ring bears both the marking for 'M' and 'A'. For most of my tests, I put the marking on 'M' setting as I meter the lens stopped down instead of metering it wide open as in the DA lens.

Upon turning on the camera with a M42 lens mounted, a focal length confirmation is shown on the screen, and one needs to adjust the value to the closest focal length. This is important for the SR calculation to work. If you have a manual zoom lens, set the value to the closest value that you are likely to use. If you change your mind to use a wider or longer zoom, you can always turn off the camera and reset it upon the next power on. Or one can use 'Menu', followed by Up arrow to get to the SR focal length selection setting to reset the focal length. I personally use a setting lower or equal to the zoom length to avoid unnecessary SR.

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