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Chasing My Shadow with DA 18-55
I have selected one of the my snapshot picture for icon of new potential business as freelance photographer that is in the planning stage. I like this photo where I shoot into my own shadow showing the intensity and joy that I have when I capture my image in the viewfinder.

I don't know if I ever will start as a freelance photographer. I am certainly not trained at all as a professional but I like to dream big and I have to start somewhere. I am requesting comments from others to tell me many reasons NOT to dream about doing freelance work as a part time photographer. I especially like to hear if professional photographer would have a harder time in being successful in caring for one's family. I mean it in a sense of time spending with family while making a living as a single earner in the family supporting a tireless wife and 2 boys. I am asking if a hobby turning into a career is a viable dream that I should pursue and that if I want to spend more time with family, do the profession in photography and the related have a better chance to achieve a well balance of life, work and passion.

I am currently working as a software engineer with interest in art in general. I especially love visual art as in movie, animation, gadgets, magazines, nature and design. My business site under construction, hosted in Yahoo webhosting.
I may truly have no basis for my visions nor can somebody sees it in the amateur photos that I have taken so far after 8 months of upgrade to Pentax dSLR with inexpensive gear that don't even add up over $1K. But there are reasons for me to go after the visions as I find myself both emotional attached and passionate in the process of image making going from the very first thought of picture idea, to actual picture taking, and the editing and publishing to go with the idea. I am pursuing the information for a AA and BFA degree in Arts and Graphics Design. Ideas and comments are very welcome.


Mike said...

it's a great photo. I like it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Since you asked...

I am guessing you don't have lots of experience and training in the field of photography, based on all the pictures and blog posts I have seen. Your pics are good but you know as well not "pro" nor "semi-pro" quality. That means you will need to invest time to do many many free shots and post processing to develop your skills, while maintaining a full time job to pay for food, housing, and medical insurance. Don't kid yourself, time will be taken away from spending with family, for no or little money initially. The little money you will make, you will need to invest into equipments. Otherwise the more lucrative jobs simply won't come your way. Sounds like your wife is not very supportive? You don't want an unhappy wife at home and kids with no father to play with. Ask yourself, what is more important to you. Taking pictures of your growing kids, or of others for very little money. Photography is a tough business to get into nowadays, with more and more people turning pro or semi-pro. It is extremely competitive, probably much more than SW engineering. I guess unless you live in a small city, quality photographers are everywhere. If you had to go to school for SW engineering, what make you think you are more capable than all the other artists who had invest their money and time for their education?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Photography business is too competitive. But you should follow your dream as long as your family supports you. It would be very tough to go after your dream without some scarifies for you and your family.

I have been a pro for 10 years and was very fortunate that I could afford to quit my job to concentrate on building my business with my wife's full support. I didn't want to work full time while building up my business because it would have taken me probably 3 times as long to accomplish what I have done in the last 10 years. Of course, it helped that I had a minor in visual art. But even with my art background, it was very tough in the beginning. I took lots of small jobs and definitely took much time away from my wife (no kid at that time).

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I suggest do it as a hobby and occasionally shoot for friends. Every photography 101 students I talked to wants to become a pro. And everyone with a dSLR wants to make money as a photographer. How many pro can the industry have? The market is flooded with amateurs and we had to actually turn down a number of requests to have my son's senior pictures taken even for free. Boy, free offers are everywhere. It was a good field but not since digital photography became so affordable.

Anonymous said...

I followed your thread in the Pro Digital forum at dpreview.com to here....

I briefly browsed your pictures and blog. You have built a decent blog. But the pictures shouldn't be linked back to your business page as there are too many personal snapshots. You need some new pictures and more pro level pictures there, IMO, after you have taken some formal trainings.

And the image you selected is good for use on maybe for dpreview, not not on your business card, also IMO. Using your shadow may have a false first impression on your potential clients that you have something to hide. Not good for business use. Either have your picture, or have your best image.

Good luck building up your business but sorry to say you will have to miss lots of weekend fun with the family. No pain no game, right?!

Anonymous said...

OK, another irresponsible parent trying to find an excuse to be out of the house. Yes, go after your dream and leave your "tireless" wife with the kids. Nothing wrong with going after your dream.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a very negative statement. Hin, work with your wife and I am sure she is willing to scarify a little knowing you are doing what you love.


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