Red Challenge in Pentaxworld

October competition in Pentaxworld in is 'Red.' And I ran into a red bench in Sportsmart while visiting Great Mall in Milpitas. The Red bench has the logo of "Red XL" and I call it the perfect red photo even the color blind can see as Pentax Red with XL in red. I got around 7 votes from a voting party among 48 entries. It is a already an improvement over my 1st entry back in September.

#1 My Entry
Pentax Blind Red
Pentax Blind Red with Pentax FA 50 f/1.4
There is quite a story in the making of three red images for those shots that you see ringed lights on the backround while the word 'red' is tilted to have a flatter angle. I went the extra mile in tilting it for an upward 30 degree angle facing the skyline and lighted sources into the common hallway
in Great Mall. Here is the documentary for the making of my Pentax Blind Red picture

#2 My 3rd choice

Pentax Blind Red with Pentax FA 50 f/1.4

#3 My 2nd Choice
Pentax Blind Red with Pentax FA 50 f/1.4
Story of composition:

I wish I have another photographer documenting how I shoot the red
bench. It is quite a story, of course, I dare not to ask my wife (she has my casio ex-z750) to picture me as my prolonged stay in Sportsmart annoys her.

For #1, I just shoot indoor with no window view. No problem there! For anything with ringed lights such as #2 and #3, I shoot facing window to the mall common area in a Greatmall shopping mall in
Milpitas of California with light fixtures, skylights, and walking people.

For the life of me, many shots come out with the words flat in an angle that is hard to read and I try to show the wording Red with easier reading angle while getting some overexposed ringed lights on upper part of the picture. And I take the shot in a funny post on 1 foot squatting down as in yoga post, quite a maneuver now that I think of it
  1. Two hands on camera as usual

  2. I squat down with my right foot flat on the floor and tip toeing up the far side of the bench -- quite an aerobic performance there already. Everyone passes the windows pauses, laughs a little, and moves on

  3. My left foot is the only foot stable for the posture with my right tiptoe for the tilted bench for the clear wording for Red XL

  4. My head and upper body stay as close to floor as much as my back and legs can stand to get a tilted 30 to 50 degree angle upward to see as much light fixtures and skylight while having red clearly laid out in the shot, results in #2 and #3 with tilted angle and ringed lights
I am quite happy if you see the Red and XL in the red bench -- my entry for at least one vote hopefully. And the vote, if I get any, belongs to all of my forum members who offer comments and feedbacks. I share the glory with you all nicest bunch that I have met online. The thoughtful composition and framing hopefully get some count for the voting of Reds among many competent photographers who have much better skills that I do.

  • Red Challenge in Pentax World
    I am so happy for the winner as I do place one of my 3 votes for the winner entry. It has the red that is popped from the green color.

  • The Voting
    among 48 entries. My votes go to #14 (the winner), #23, #34. I should have voted for #31 now that when I look at it again. My entry in #39. Thanks to you all for the 7 votes.


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