Merry Christmas from Hin

Merry Christmas from Hin

Merry Christmas to you all

I am grateful all year and as the Christmas Holiday approaches and I reflect upon all things that have happened this year, I find joy and excitement that fill my heart to the deepest void that I sometimes have with doubt, uncertainty, grudges, and despair with struggles.

Thank you for visiting my blog page and share with me on my learning experience with Photography. There has not been any down moment for me after I purchased my Pentax K100D in March of 2007 and my love of photography has been a wonderful experience with deeper appreciation of my surroundings in visual imagery and renewed energy in the quest for knowledge. In the Holidays, I will reflect upon this learning blog for the great blessings from Him on His birthday and expect what is to come in the new year and my new endeavors with a more focused purpose in the passion that the Almighty has blessed upon me.


Anonymous said...

Hin, thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos.

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