ABC Wednesday -- Violent moments

Photos taken with Pentax FA 50 f/1.4
Korean lunch with pentax fa 50 f/1.4

Korean lunch with pentax fa 50 f/1.4
Letter 'V' gives me the most problems and hence some old photos for the post. My little one has some violent moments while enjoying his pot stickers in a Korean restaurant.

I have been leaving a comment to Mrs. Nesbitt asking the whereabout of WalksFarWoman as I have been missing her in all recent ABC Wednesday events since her 'S' post in late November. Her blog in has been deleted and I can't find her anywhere in BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog, and Technorati profile. She is my best friend in the blogging community and a greatly admired writer that I always look up to for inspiration and insights into life with a positive attitude in her poetic writing. I truly pray that she is well and I dearly miss her tonight in posting my 'V' post. I am asking all who knows about WalksFarWoman to make a sincere prayer for her. Much thanks for sharing my concerns of my dear friend.

ABC Wednesday
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Jim Baker said...

woah... i've never seen anyone approach food with such violence... excellent captures.

jim baker

Andrea said...

He is serious about his eating. I hope he improves that before he is old enough to date.

NYCindividual said...

How cute! I miss my childhood years!

I just joined ABC Wednesday and thought I would stop by.

Lilli & Nevada said...

oh that is a wonderful V shot, he really is going at it, but at least he is eating .

bonnie said...

Poor baby looks conflicted. He sure is passionate. Maybe it's a love/hate relationship with pot stickers.

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