Genuine Pentax M42 to K Adapter

Left: 3rd party adapter
Right: Genuine Pentax M42 to K AdapterGenuine Pentax M42 Adapter
Left: 3rd party adapter
Right: Genuine Pentax M42 to K Adapter
Genuine Pentax M42 Adapter
The Genuine adapter has less wording in the engraving. It is the right one on the above two pictures with engraving for "Asahie Pentax" on top and "Japan" on bottom. The 3rd party adapters such as those from Kalt and Bower share the same mechanical build as the genuine adapters but they are bought with a tool for dismounting the adapter

Dismounting tool from 3rd party adapter
Genuine Pentax M42 Adapter

Genuine Pentax M42 AdapterBower adapter on bottom
with "Bower" engraving on top

In general, I recommend others to get the genuine adapter as the best adapter to use with M42 on Pentax latest dSLR. It is easy to use and dismounting can be done without the use of additional tool. With practice, I find myself frequently remove the adapter with thumb and index finger holding on the two holes in the K mount and dismount the clip with inward direction followed by a anti-clockwise turn of the adapter to unmount the adapter.

Genuine adapter:
  • The easiest to use, especially in dismounting
  • No need for dismount tool
  • Well built in mechanics
  • More costly like $30 to $40 dollars
  • Difficult to find
  • New one comes in a green pouch

For 3rd party adapters such as those from Kalt and Bower, I ran into spring plate getting stuck in my K100D body creating panic moments to unmount the adapter.

3rd Party adapter:
  • Cheaper in cost from $10 to $20
  • Share the same mechanics but require removal tool
  • Quite difficult to dismount with the given tool
  • Lots of panic moments in dismounting from various users
  • Spring plate easy to get worn out with the adapter stuck in K mounted body
I end up using both, but I prefer to use the Genuine adapter for ease of use. For 3rd party adapter, I remove the spring plate and mount the 3rd party adapter directly onto the lens

Adapter mounted directly onto M42 lens
(Bower adapter with spring plate removed)

Where to find Genuine Adapter:
  • Pentax Store
    • The item carries the adapter 'B' in description and 'B' actually refers to Bayonet mount, which includes the KAF2 mount in the latest Pentax dSLR as in K10D/K100D etc.
    • Please call to confirm

  • Some discussion seems to suggest that in Canada may carry it in stock, cost of shipping may be expensive dependent on location, please call to confirm.

  • KEH may have it

  • Find it used and new in ebay, be warned of non-genuine copy
    • New one comes in a green packet and check wording printed on adapter as a guide. Make sure to ask question if it comes from eBay to confirm it is the genuine copy.

  • Local store with special ordering from Pentax

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


Just to share a tip I used for finding the genuine Pentax adapter: I searched with Google for +Pentax +30120. This number is the product number of the Pentax product, as I've found on the Pentax web store, so using this number filters out 3rd party products quite efficiently.

This search led me to interesting results. I found than Vistek in Canada has it, and since I'm Canadian I bought it from them at 22.50 + 8.95 shipping + tax = 33.02 CAD. I called to confirm it's a genuine Pentax adapter. Quite reasonable price.

Hin Man said...

Thank you for the tip and I actually use something similar to look up the product with code for 30120.

Anonymous said...


I am about to purchase the K20, but want to make sure my old lenses will fit first. I know I need to get the M42 mount adaptor, but is that the same as the Mount Adapter B on the pentax site? Can't find anything that says it is or isn't.


Hin Man said...

Thank you for your question. In pentax store, I have this link that has the wording for B adapter:

Hope this helps you.

Hin Man said...

Yes, the mounting B adapter in Pentax store is the one to get. The 'B' letter likely refers to Bayonet mount and the adapter will work with M42 lens on the K mount (or bayonet) body

Anonymous said...

In Western Canada you can have them ordered in at the camera department in London Drugs. Can't recall the price though...

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