Dynatran AT-CF992 Tripod from Amvona

I purchased Dynatran AT CF992 from ebay almost a year ago and it is quite good in quality and it has three level indicators, made of Carbon Fiber with 4.75lb weight and the maximum support of 8.8 lb. The tripod exceeded my expectation and I would pay more had it not offered in eBay through the store vendor of Amvona.

Other tripods considered include
DynaTran AT 858B on eBay as well as many Manfrotto Bogen tripods.

Pentax K100D on DynaTran AT-CF992 from Amvona

I seldom use tripod and I paid the price in not knowing to setup my tripod quickly. I began using the tripod on fireworks as well as sunset shooting.

DynaTran AT-CF992 from Amvona


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