Thoughts on Fuji F30 -- mini review

Fuji F30 & Joby Gorillapod mini tripodPicture taken with Pentax K100D and DA 50-200

It is this combination of Fuji F30 and Joby Gorillapod that produces the banner of Hin's Photo Blog. The banner picture is one of my favorite pictures done in Fuji F30 among the others of my Fuji F30 shots selected for the following mosaic.

Mosaic of pictures taken with Fuji F301. DSCF0019, 2. DSCF0081, 3. DSCF0139, 4. DSCF0140, 5. DSCF0150, 6. DSCF0262, 7. DSCF0271, 8. DSCF0317, 9. DSCF0306, 10. DSCF0570, 11. DSCF0575, 12. Macau Sai Wan Bridge b&w, 13. DSCF0584 in b&w, 14. DSCF0596, 15. DSCF0607, 16. DSCF0630, 17. DSCF0638, 18. DSCF0646, 19. DSCF0666, 20. DSCF0725, 21. DSCF0710, 22. DSCF0706, 23. DSCF0784, 24. Sunset, 25. DSCF0857, 26. DSCF0875, 27. DSCF0902, 28. DSCF0901, 29. sf_bay_bridge, 30. Home & Blue Sky, 31. Pretty Sky & Barn House, 32. iPhone, 33. DSCF1247, 34. DSCF1363, 35. DSCF1327, 36. IMGP2152

Impressions & Notes
  • A great point & shoot with strength for high ISO pictures.
  • A great point & shoot to backup a dSLR, ideal for traveling light and works great for indoor, party and night shooting.
  • A bit bulky compared to others but the great strength is in the great ergonomics that provide a firm which I rely on heavily to shoot in 1/4 second in ISO 400.
  • Auto ISO is erratic in the auto picture mode with tendency to go to ISO 800/1600 (the mode with the Red camera icon) . I default to use the M mode and learn to compensate with Ev compensation
  • Outdoor pictures have good color and contrast, I refrain from using the Auto ISO as it tends to go high and I prefer fixed ISO or auto iso up to 400
  • The built in flash is very capable as compared to my other point & shoot that I have used in the past. As long as I don't stay too close, the flash works very well.
  • AF assist light with red color comes in very handy and I have used it in the dark as in party or aquarium visit with no issues, very dependable AF
  • Macro on flowers and close up to gadgets are very reasonable with this p&s.
  • Daytime outdoor photos tend to overexpose and I usually have Ev -1/3 as a default in M mode
  • The menu and user interface is quite poor and easy to get mistakes in hitting the wrong button. I used this camera since 2006 and I still not managed to remember its button and menu design -- very odd design
  • Biggest gripe from me is on the use of xD card and it is the slowest as compared to SD card.
  • Battery life is outstanding
  • Shutter lag is very minimum in my use with the camera.
  • High ISO pictures are outstanding up to ISO 400. I have no issues at all with noise at ISO400. It is my go to gadget for night time traveling shooting.

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