Pentax Lens Research Bookmarks

I frequent to these places in studying lens and camera bodies in the Pentax world. These are the places that fascinate me with quality old lenses in the past as well as the new ones that everyone brags about.

Bojidar Dimitrov's Pentax K-Mount Page
Great site for Pentax film body & lens

Jens Roesner's Lens
A great discussion of various new and old lens

M42 Art Limited
A site dedicated to M42 lens

Mark Robert's Lens Page
A very good reference to Lens

Mark Robert's Page on Vivitar Series 1

Pentaxforums Lens Review

Pixel Peeper
Lots of sample shots on particular lens

Rick Oleson
Lots of classic camera & lens

Stan's Pentax Photography
A good collection of opinions on many older Pentax Lenses

Vivitar Manafacturers
Serial # identification

M42 Takumar Lens
Useful list of M42 Takumar lens information



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