Nikon D90 is tempting

I am frequently tempted with new cameras and gear. I am proud Pentaxian who loves Pentax gear but I have got to admit the excitement when I see the news about the upcoming release of Nikon D90. And I saw this video that tempted me even more.

I am especially impressed with the following:
  • Movie in dSLR
    The first of a kind in integration of movie into a dSLR system. And it is hi-def video with 720p. This is something that as a point & shoot enthusiasts who uses digiial camera with a dual purpose of occasional movie , this newly added capability from Nikon is a welcome feature for me

  • 4.5 FPS, Nikon D3 heritage
    Though it is not as fast as Canon 40D or the Nikon D300, 4.5 is good enough for me. With the fast auto focus from Nikon, I envision a very capable system

  • Price, Weight, Design for Serious Enthusiast
    Nikon gear tend to be more expensive than others, but the listing price closer to 1K seems appealing to me when I compare that with Pentax K20D. I for one don't want to go for Nikon D300 and D700 as they are meant for professional and I personally prefer lighter body with design and features geared towards enthusiast who shy from higher end models due to price. The D90 seems a perfect fit for the complicated mind who loves photography.

Picture on Ben with Casio ex-z750Back in my time with a Casio ex-z750, a point and shoot digital camera that I enjoyed very much in 2005, I envision one day that I can have a dSLR that does two things that my family enjoys. And Ben had a lot of fun playing with the flying ball that is blown out on air in San Jose Discovery Museum

Video by Casio ex-z750

With a point & shoot, I got some crazy idea one morning with an early bike ride. Video-taping the ride. Yes, why not! How can I bring along my camcorder? Here is my first attempt with my digital camera Casio ex-z750 in normal movie mode without post processing.

Picture of Casio ex-z750 mounted on a bike
Duct Tape & Valco for mounting

While taping, I have little idea how it goes. But the thought that we will never fail in trying is with me. Life should be fun and it should be recorded and shared as such.
If the gear helps in a different way with a dual purpose, that is a great idea. We should embrace for a different thinking.

Warning: rough motion, unpleasant viewing
Video by Casio ex-z750

Nikon is so smart as a company in getting video in Nikon D90 as the first dSLR with movie capability. Is Nikon a camcorder company? Hello, anyone in Canon camp thought about this? The elitist would always pull in the direction that they don't care about video. Sure you care! Ask your beloved spouse and see if a dSLR is worth the upgrade which allows you to take babies' birthday and weekend hiking video besides the main stuff that we all photographers care. Guess what the wife and husband satisfaction factor can add to the purchase decision. Canon and Sony both have the technologies but they are surely behind in the smart thinking of Nikon D90 with the new direction that is non traditional. It is a refreshing and welcoming change from Nikon to embrace the integration of technology.

I am tempted picture with Pentax K10D and Tokina 19-35 f/3.5-4.5Tempted by Nikon D90

My friend has it pre-ordered from Amazon and I should have a first hand review about Nikon D90 come October. Please stay tuned from a report of Nikon D90 from a Pentaxian.



pressure vessels said...

Great blog and what a nice review.I enjoy reading your reviews and the posts are very informative.

Hin Man said...

A late thank you for your visit and encouraging comment. I ended up not buying the D90 as of this comment. Instead, I am staying put with Pentax and look for an upgrade to Pentax k-7 when the price reaches closer to $1K. I still love the Nikon D90 but I can't afford to run two systems.

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