Nikon Dark Forces with Nikon D90 -- Yoda's Training

What did Yoda say to Luke Skywalker when he switched from Nikon to Pentax?

"Your VR lenses, you will need them not."

"Don't be too tempted by the Dark Side, may the Pentax SR forces be with you"

Picture of tempted Mind with Pentax K10D and Tokina 19-35 f/3.5-4.5

by Tokina 19-35 f/3.4-4.5
1/20sec, f/4.5, 24mm, iso 100, K10D, hand-held

With the continued tempatations. Luke SkyWalker tried to borrow the stick from Master Yoda and made a monopod out of the good old stick from Master Yod. And he asks Master Yoda to teach him to shoot with steady hand without VR. And Luke compromises on his 1/4th second hand holding shutter limit capability and intend to stay strong with the Nikon dark forces of marketing.

Temptation still runs strong and Luke comes to Master Yoda for better advice. Master Yoda snaps him on the face and quickly grab back his stick. He then pads on Luke and say, "Luke, are you nuts! I need my stick for the movie. I look old and I can't do without my stick. The hell with your Nikon dark forces." And Luke replied, "my Master Yoda, you look younger without the stick, you may find girlfriend easier. No need to hide in a movie." And Master Yoda thinks for a moment and kicked Luke from the bottom, "What girlfriend, there isn't any of my kind." Luke pointed to Wall-E and Master Yoda is furious and hit Luke harder and completely whack him from top to bottom. His Nikon thoughts vanishes in a sub-zero second rate but the misery remains.

Luke disappeared into the dark journey with a fainted heart but a good lesson from Master Yoda. He keeps thinking what he should have done with the mess he has created with his master. Stick no more! His hands now shakes faster than his Nikon can burst in 4.5 shots per second. His head and butt hurts with the physical pain inflicted by the encounter with Master Yoda. His spirit is up though as Master Yoda asks him to clear his mind and conscience with Wall-E to get his thoughts straight. Wall-E follows the honorable request and keeps company with Luke and cheers him up with lots of movie on demand from Wall-E collection. And Luke recovers gradually with his vision, thoughts and senses.

Luke finds peace with Master Yoda walking with a stick like before, and they are coming for a reunion to plan for the Nikon dark forces attack with D90. Luke is with Yoda and stays strong against the Nikon dark forces. He trains himself up with Wall-E who helps him with video and movies in supersonic definition in the latest camyoda format not found in D90. And Wall-E always have great movie capture from 8mm, hi-def to supersonic definition on demand and on-archive.

Life seems not as bad as we thought but the questions remain with others tempted by the latest Nikon dark forces with Nikon D90.



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