Pentax White Camera is Beautiful

Pentax K2000 white Camera Special EditioinPentax's limited-edition white K2000.
(Credit: Pentax)

Pentax K2000 white Camera Special EditioinPentax's limited-edition white K2000.
(Credit: Pentax)

Pentax releases the news about a limited edition of white camera with K2000 and K-M entry models. While it is in the entry level cameras as compared to the Pentax K20D, I consider it a very interesting and exciting news, and perhaps a bold move from Pentax.

Many Pentaxian are not impressed with the new release and discuss about it as the most hideous and dumbest things from Pentax. They even went on to create poll asking how other Pentax users think about it. I don't share the views of those negative comments, and I am happy to be in the camp embracing the bold move from Pentax.

I am more open to new ideas and something for a difference. Whether it is the right move for the Pentax development, it is yet to be seen. I am excited about the color. Beauty is really in the beholder's eyes. White can be beautiful and I don't realize that I have many white things in my household from laptop to my car. And my beloved home is also in white color.

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And I still insists that white is not my favorite color. Green is! But I will stay away from a Green Camera. I look forward to the release and I am pursuing the thoughts of having K2000D as my 2nd body in white color. How boring it is to have two cameras that are look alike. Instead of having a 2nd body as in Nikon D90 or a Pentax K10D besides my main camera with Pentax K20D, I want my 2nd system to be smaller for traveling and share with my wife and kids for self portrait in outing. I scrap my plan with Nikon D90 the day this news come out.

I will be anxiously looking forward to the release of the white camera.



Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you.
It's an easy and cheap way for Pentax to be known to the first user market and just to talk again about Pentax. I'm sure their marketing team only spend less than a week on it, so why not.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you want a smaller system you can go with Olympus. Since you can use most of your K and m42 lenses as well by buying adapters. The adapters are pretty cheap on ebay.

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