Diego's Amazing Pentax k-7 video


My very admired Pentaxian friend Diego Lorenzo Jose has just posted a video done with his Pentax k-7 and Panasonic LX3. The LX3 was used in the bike ride and party/drinking scene in the video.

I think this is the best k-7 video that I have seen. And Diego mentioned that it was his first time editing video. It has amazing footage on his trip to Cambodia. I especially like the emotions and atmosphere that are captured vividly and professionally in the video. His artistic view on still photographs is seen in the video. The k-7 video gives an essence of his trip and I will be just as excited to see the wonderful pictures that he has taken in the trip with his Pentax k-7. The video is well worth seeing. Diego mentioned about editing the video in iMovie. I love the music and transition put in the video. It is well thought out. If this is his first video production, I don't know what to expect on his future endeavors.

Diego is an amazing photographer and his work with his Pentax DA 21mm f/3.2 limited lens on food pictures and those with his flash are beyond my words for praises. Please visit DiegoPhoto to see his amazing work with Pentax dSLR to appreciate what I mention in this small blog post.



Unknown said...

Glad you liked my video and photos Hin :D Thanks for the plug and I'm honored to be on your blog!

Regards from the Philippine Islands,

P.S. Aside from the bike rides, the LX3 was used for the party/drinking scene

Hin Man said...

The honor is mine. I will add your photo blog to my Pentaxian Blogroll to share with others

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