Informative M42 mounting YouTube video

I find this by accident when I search for M42 topic and the video is something that I have been wanting to make to inform others on the mounting. Though portion of it is not as sharp focus as I would like, I find the instruction clear and it serves the purpose well for new users who has questions mounting M42 lens. It also talks about the preset rings in my favorite M42 lens with Jupiter 9 85mm f/2.0

  • In the video, the creator uses only one finger in the dismounting, I personally find it easier to use 2 fingers to grab onto the 2 opening holes as I find it easier to dismount
  • And remember in the dismounting, the spring plate needs to be pushed inward toward to the center of the camera. If you move the spring plate in the opposite direction, you are locking the adapter in the camera body.
  • The video talks about the genuine adapter, you can't perform this simple operation with the 3rd party M42 adapters. I highly recommend others with the genuine adapter as it is safe and much easier to use without the need of extra dismounting tool
  • I personally prefer to position the camera not lying totally flat on the horizontal position for fear of dropping the adapter into the mirror chamber
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