Passing Moon Video by Pentax K-7


This is an amazing capture in video with Pentax K-7. You can hear the sound recording from the background. It is a bit unfortunate but it does show how good the built-in microphone that is in Pentax K-7 that can pick up the distant noise in the back alley of the shooting location likely in a patio setting.

The author of the video in YouTube mentions the use of a Skymax 150 Pro along with Pentax K-7. I wish I have a picture to see the setup as I am not familiar with the equipment or whether a special adapter is needed. Is there a lens mounted on the Pentax K-7 to work with the scope or if the body is mounted directly to the scope with a special K-mount adapter? I am guessing on the former. I have the naive questions that I will hopefully post on the YouTube and ask the great author of the video. Please enjoy the great video made from Pentax K-7 and I am proud of what a camera can do with Pentax K-7



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