Pentax K-x Color Selection -- Hin's Favorite

Pentax K-x hin favorite color selection techtheman
This is the color pick that I will go about in choosing my custom selected color for Pentax K-x. I like white and I love red to go with white. I am no RiceHigh and he picked green color for his Pentax K-m which is not to my taste for camera. I love green but not for camera. Perhaps, I have different taste for camera. I don't know what RH is up next in trashing and bashing Pentax. He may complain too much color to choose from and whine about the headache with choices. He is there to trash Pentax 24/7 and I am here to focus on the good and positive news from Pentax.

Bravo to Pentax who is bold and offers consumers with choices. Congratulation to everyone who stay put with Pentax in the tough economic time with severe competitions. I am here to stay and I look forward to hearing more great news from Pentax. It would be a awesome setup to have a Pentax K-7 as main body and a 2nd body with Pentax K-x that is smaller, lighter and it goes with style that one can choose to one's liking. Be it the RH green or the stylish White and Red from Hin, it is up to one's choosing. We love Pentax and I hope Pentax knows.



anthonynelzin said...

Love the red/mocha one, look a bit like my K10D Grand Prix. The fact that this DSLR is capable of video recording is a killer feature (I think is the cheapest one who actually can).

Hin Man said...

Yes, the 720p and 24 fps is impressive and great to have in such a small form factor dSLR. I love my white and red combination. I think I saw a combination of the mocha color and red too in discussion. I wonder if it is going to be quieter than k-m.

street_vision said...

It is great to see the great enthusiasm for this camera. I do not think I have seen this. Even the K-7 did not produce this kind of response. I am sure it is because the K-7 did a good job in paving the way. Personally, I am liking the blue one.

stanleyk said...

You have much better taste/fashion sense than Mr. High. :-)

Anonymous said...

This one is so pretty. Do you also sell cameras? Can I contact you?

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