How to protect Pentax Limited Lenses

Ikea plastic cup for limited lens protection
I have plenty to offer why I love Pentax. I plan to enter the contest in with the price of Pentax DA Limited lens case designed by Ned Bunnell. I saw the lens case in Yvon's Pentax blog. But in case if any of you enter the contest and doesn't win the lens case, anyone interested in my $1.50 idea for 6 lens protection. I don't have a nice picture to show or get harassed. I have been using plastic cups from Ikea to shield my lens from unexpected hitting when I carry them in my bag. Not as slick as the limited lens case but for all those who enter the contest, think about going to Ikea to get these plastic cups that are of the similar size to limited lens

Ikea plastic cup for limited lens protection

Ikea plastic cup for limited lens protection

Ikea plastic cup for limited lens protection

It can't fit the bigger lens but I find them quite good to hold the limited lens, or a 50mm, or even a small zoom so that I can place my lens in a safer position with the outer cup that avoids falling on an uneven surface or let the lens to have scuff marks in rubbing each other.

Contest aside, you all should go to Ikea to try my $1.50 for 6 limited plastic cups idea while Hin can enter the contest as the winner and loser at the same time with a single entry.

Impressions & Notes:

  • Very inexpensive to get for a pair of six. There are other sizes that are more like a bowl in shape. Bigger sizes are available that may fit the larger zoom lens
  • Lightweight and works well as a holder in a backpack
  • Color coding in green, blue, red and yellow can easily help me to sort my lens into groups for DA limited, primes and FA limited
  • Once I take out my lens with this holder, I have no fear in leaving it in the wind as the cup is more steady to lay on a flat surface as compared to the lens alone
  • You have to try it to see if it fits your needs.



Anonymous said...

Great blog. Have a question about the Cosina 55mm 1.2 that you wrote about a while back. If you have that lens mounted and holding the camera and start going from f/16 to 1.2 do you find that you can go just slightly past 1.2 if you keep going counter clockwise on the camera? There is no lock position just past the 1.2. The other stops like 1.2, 2, 2.8 do have locks where you can feel that it is supposed to stop.

My Cosina was converted for a non Pentax body, but noticed this odd feature although I don't find that the quality is any different from the lock position of 1.2 and just past 1.2.

I just got the lens and I am fascinated with it.

Great pics by the way.

Hin Man said...

Thank you for the comment. I don't recall if I can turn the aperture beyond f/1.2. Do you see if the iris actually close down further than wide open at f/1.2.

The only other lens that I have used that close down more than wide open is the Photosniper Tair-3 PhS 300mm f/4.5.

I will check again to be sure on the Cosina.

IndianaDinos said...

Hi Hin,

Fine idea ... Moreover, the Ikea store is not too far from my work ;-) ...

Thanks for sharing the hint

Anonymous said...

When it is locked on 1.2 the Iris still can open up when you go just past the 1.2. When it is locked on 1.2 the iris looks octagonal (or whatever, you can see the plates just a bit) and pushing it just past 1.2 it appears fully open and you can see anything but glass .

Hin Man said...

@IndianDinos, hope it works out for you. My family use it for daily use and I use them for lens protection. A cheap idea for sure.

@Anonymous, I check again and there is no room to move beyond f/1.2 in my copy. I would have caught the behavior if it were that obvious. At f/1.2, the blades are fully open and the iris is perfect circle in my copy. I bought mine from a friend with new in box item. The only strange thing in my copy and that of others in the Cosina 55mm f/1.2 is on the maximaum aperture opening NOT in a circle but in a oval shape. You can search for Cosina 55mm f/1.2 in the Blog Search box on the right sidebar and check out my previous assessment. Or post your finding in mflenses forum in

mflenses manual focus forum

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