Response to Pentax limited-edition 'Korejanai' K-x


The Pentax K-x Korejanai Robot Model digital SLR with matching lens,
shown alongside a Korejanai robot.
Photo provided by Hoya Corp.

I learned about Korejani K-x from OnlinePhotographer and imaging-resource. I then participated in a heated discussions in dpreivew Pentax forum thread where a Pentaxian posted a thread on Pentax Reduced to this?? Of course, in the discussion, I will jump in to make a fair statement on behalf of Pentaxian community. I believe on Pentax K-x and I see no harm with a limited special edition of Pentax K-x that has toy like color. Pentaxian may jump the gun with unwarranted criticism and some others and I will tend to think more on the positive side. I especially appreciate a kind Pentaxian soul who shows a photo

Pentax Reduced to this?? started from Undah

Really, I simply ignore all the doom and gloom posts about Pentax going under. Then I see this post and wonder, is this what pentax has been reduced to?

I blurted out in laughter when I first saw this image.

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Reply from stanton11 on Pentax Reduced to this??

Title: Re: I will have my last laugh

.. the next time you are in the Amazon, trying to photo shoot the scarlet macaw

Photo by stanton11

with your black, loud clacking scare-bird photography unit.

I'll be in stealth mode with my rainbow k-x.

I have my utmost support and a big bravos to stanton11. I wish I can find stanton11 flickr account information so that I can make a contact with stanton11. It is a good lesson to be learned that not all people think alike. And there is a good reason for the Korejanai K-x. The most humorous that we can draw from the scarlet macaw with a black camera and that of a colorful Korejanai K-x will be along the line of the reaction from the Macaw.

With the normal black camera encounter, the Macaw will say it out loud and clear with Boring, Boring...

With the colorful Pentax K-x, the Macaw will be singing the unusual song with Pentaxian Great

As for HinTheMan, I am more decided to get Pentax K-x white one first while waiting for K-7 to come down in price. I wish I can get the white K-x with a red handle but the default white K-x with a black handle will do fine for me.



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