Pentax K-x White with DA and FA Limited Lenses

pentax k-x white with limited primes

With several forum member inputs, it is possible that my minor negative impression on K-x build is due to the white color. My copy is the beautiful white color. I love white and hence I pick on white color even if it means the feeling of cheaper plastic. Given the choices, I prefer the style over the norm and that is my irrational impulse in buying and there is not regret.

pentax k-x white with limited primes

But honestly, I can't compare the build in the white k-x with that of my k20D or even my previous copy of K100D. Perhaps, the white color gives me the hollow and cheap plastic feeling that I have. The body is lightweight and that may add towards my somewhat to my negative impression on the build. I should look for a copy of K-x in black color and handle for comparison. I think I am the first one who reports this as a negative impression. This is likely solely my personal impressions. I love the K-x white but I sure do hope that the plastic is actually strong and sturdy like my past extremely good experience with K100D and K10D. Those old digital bodies were built to last and I sure hope the same stay for the K-x for all colors

pentax k-x white with limited primes

pentax k-x white with limited primes

I pair up the DA 40mm limited with the K-x white and it looks dead gorgeous to me for a small form factor and lightweight. I bought the combination for traveling light and hence, I will not think of the need of battery grip unless the grip has portrait shooting button with green button.

pentax k-x white with limited primes

pentax k-x white with limited primes

The blue light is cool in the dark
pentax k-x white with limited primes

Impressions & Notes

  • It is more of a style thing for one's preference. I love white and I am dead happy to have a white camera. Forget about the potential of smudges, the glossy type of surface seem to work out well for cleaning
  • Specific to the white color choice, I am not too impressed with the build material. It is a personal impressions not shared with other members. Perhaps, the white color with smooth surface lead me more into the impression of cheap plastic. I was assured by other members who have chosen on blue and black that their impressions are rock solid like the older models as in K100D and K20D.
  • White seems to go well with the black limited lens. It is a compact body especially when I mount the DA 40mm f/2.8 limited
  • White goes okay with silver limited but other color may seem to match better. I think both the blue, brown, especially the golden silver, the normal black and perhaps others will work well for the silver limited colors.



Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Do you happen to have a F and/or FA 50 lens? I'd like to see that combination!

Miserere said...

It looks pretty in white. Kick-ass camera too, which makes it a winning combination, huh?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Hin Man,

While many love the white camera, I get the same feeling as you: it seems cheap-plasticky. This is purely subjective, I'm sure the build quality is great, and attraction or not is a matter of taste. But I'm anyway wondering if it can be painted something fun.

FattoreWow said...

I think i'm gonna buy it in white, but i'm still in doubt.
I cannot understand if it is simple to clean or if it gets dirty soon.
Also you wrote it seems to be a toy. Well i'm a motorbiker and I need the plastic to works on travel and being longlasting.
What is your opinion?

Thanks from Italy.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Unless you work with it in very dirty environments, I doubt it gets dirty fast, it's slick after all.

Bigger, heavier, and more expensive cameras are stronger, but this is not a fragile toy I think. And I don't see any reason it should be less strong than the black model. I *could* be wrong, but I have the white one, and it feels like a normal entry-level DSLR.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

BTW, how do you like my pink K-x?

Hin Man said...

Thank you for the comments and visit.

@FattoreWow, after over two months of usage, I don't think I have serious concerns on the white plastic. Though I maintain the subjective opinion that the white color has a hollow feel of plastic impression as compared to the black color, my white k-x does not get smudges and it is easy to clean. I have used it for weekend trips on a backpack and so far I have not ran into issues with build quality.

@eolake, I am with your assessment that it does not get dirty fast. Your pink k-x is pretty but I still prefer the white.

FattoreWow said...

Well the fact is that I haven't seen one white yet.
I love that color and it seems to me to be different from the old boring black bodys of my brother's DLSR.
My doubt comes from a video review I saw on YouTube in wich the white K-X looked like made of bad plastic. You know, when they try to sell it to you, they come out with amazing photos of every product: for that I'm asking. Should i believe on Pentax product image (in wich is brillant and amazing?)?
Then the white color leads me to ask if I should spend more time cleaning it then shooting pictures:-). I need an answer from Hin 'couse he got one.
It will be my first real camera so I just want to be sure on my purchase.

You know what? Here in Italy, and whole Europe I think, the K-X comes just in 4 colors: black, red, white and navy blue.Sob.
Nice choose!

Lastly sorry for my english; here is 2.03 in the night and i'm goig to attend my last degree in a week soo I'm soooooo confused.
Hope I'm not annoying you guys.

FattoreWow said...

Sorry I'm so slow to write at night.

Thanks for the informations, thos worth like gold to me.
One last question: Any scratches problem?

Also compliments for you pictures; loving it!

Rastislav Stanik said...

@ FattoreWow:
apparently they come in more now, the question is..will this be reality?

I have got the classic black, not liking the blue/white/red version, but honestly, would die for the olive green version, as I spend most of my shooting time outdoors :)

Hin Man said...

@FattoreWow and @Rastislav, thanks for visit and comments. After 4 months, now I get one nick close to the pop up flash and another nick on the silver trimming on the side. It comes with frequent usage on my part. No biggie. I would have chosen the same white camera if I spend my money again on K-x.

indomakmur said...

I’m new to your blog and i really appreciate the nice posts and great layout.

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