Cosina 55mm f/1.2 with Film on Ricoh xr-p

cosina 55mm f/1.2, tamron sp 17mm f/3.5 adaptall-2 51b
I have been back to film using Ricoh xr-p and Pentax SuperProgram. I am about to fix the light sealing and mirror foam bumper in my Pentax MX. There is always charm and joy in going back to film. I got a really good copy of Ricoh xr-p and it works in Av and manual modes with all the Pentax K mount lenses that I have that have an aperture ring. Specifically, I love to carry the Ricoh xr-p with the Cosina 55mm f/1.2 and Tamron SP 17mm f/3.5 adaptall-2 51B.

I love the Cosina 55mm f/1.2 for portraits. Without the crop factor, I like it even more in film than digital. And I always pair it with Tamron 17mm to cover the wide angle need in street shooting and beach scenes. The two lenses are totally unrelated but they work for me as a dual lens setup for my family outing.

cosina 55mm f/1.2 and Ricoh xr-p
With Henry recommendation, the Fuji Neopan 400 will be the next film to try as it is not a c41 type of film. Some film shots that I did with Kodah Professional BW400CN and developed by Foto Express in San Jose.

cosina 55mm f/1.2 and Ricoh xr-p
cosina 55mm f/1.2 and Ricoh xr-p
cosina 55mm f/1.2 and Ricoh xr-p
cosina 55mm f/1.2 and Ricoh xr-p
I got excited about my xr-p that I bought extra copy for my friend Andrew. And it was a nightmare for over a month in getting two bad copies of used Ricoh xr-p that were broken on film advance, asa dial, and shutter. I thought I would get around to fix the last copy that had the best potential but I was out still out of luck last night not able to fix the half working asa dial and the mirror got stuck again like the previous bad copy.

The Cosina 55mm f/1.2 fast prime works beautifully with Rioch xr-p. It is bright and easy to focus even in dim light setting. I especially love the bigger focusing ring in Cosina and it works better in film with the diagonal split screen that it does on the Pentax digital bodies. It is quite a wonderful lens to use on film. The bokeh is unique in the Cosina as I still see the ringed lights in oval shape like that in the first picture.



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