Pentax K-x Monochrome and Infrared filter

pentax k-x monochrome and Infrared filter
I don't think I know what I am doing. I initially try the Monochrome WB in Pentax K-x without any extra filter and I find the results quite plain and not to my liking. It is later that I find that there is a series of filters as in Yellow, Cyan, Red, Green, Blue and Infrared among others. The IR filter stands out the most intriguing one and I used it over the weekend with my Pentax DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 limited.

The IR filter has added another dimension into the Monochrone preset white balance. Once the IR filter is used, I only adjusted two settings in the initial try out

  • B&W (Monochrome WB) set from Info button and Custom WB setting
  • Change from my default Bright Image Mode to BW (Monochrone) WB, then add two more changes
    • tone is default
    • +1 on High/Low Key Adj
    • +1 on Contrast
    • Fine sharpness -1 is default in my setting

1/500 sec, f/4.5, 135mm, iso 100, 0 Ev, Tv mode
pentax k-x monochrome and Infrared filter
1/200 sec, f/5.0, 50mm, iso 100, Program mode
pentax k-x monochrome and Infrared filter
1/200 sec, f/5.6, 50mm, iso 100, Program mode
pentax k-x monochrome and Infrared filter
1/200 sec, f/5.0, 95mm, iso 100, Program mode
pentax k-x monochrome and Infrared filter
1/500 sec, f/3.2, 135mm, iso 100, 0 Ev, Tv mode
pentax k-x monochrome and Infrared filter

The IR filter adds a bunch of fun to the digital b&w photos and I am sure to continue to experiment the filters and the various settings such as the tone and high/low key adjustment. I am especially impressed with the set of filters and adjustment provided in K-x for digital b&w photography



LaRee said...

Looks good Hin! Your photos show the versatility of the k-x. The IR setting looks very promising. I'm not sure when, but I will own this camera. Still thinking what I can sell to get it. ;)

tokyoso said...

do you have higher resolution of your pictures on flickr? just curious how do they look like 100% ? mine usually is noisy

Hin Man said...

@tokyoso, thanks for the comment and visit, I visited your blog and I love seeing your pictures. I always upload the full resolution to flickr and I have a 'pro' account in Flickr.

@LaRee, my princess, thanks for the comment and visit. Just a word of caution -- K-x is not in the same class as the K10D and K20D. But I do love it for lighter and smaller body with style and a tons of fun and great pictures. It works best with DA limited lens and I prefer my K20D body over K-x for use with manual focusing lens. The smaller viewfinder, missing red focal point, green button extra mirror slap are few differences that I can gripe about. I think PMA may have something coming from Pentax and it may be worth to wait while you figure out a body to trade.

tokyoso said...

Thanks for your kind words. I don't have a DA limited lens yet but it's hard to resist stepping into the LBA world. Unfortunately, second hand trading in Japan is nothing like the selection and prices on ebay usa. I'm looking to add a DA 40 or 35 ltd for my K-x, and hopefully thats all I will need for my use. Its definitely a pain to use manual lens on the small viewfinder.

Do you know any good free Raw conversion software for .PEG files?

I used rawstudio but when I opened PEG files the color levels do not preset to look like picture as taken. Pentax software has no problem with it, but it doesnt have the controls.

tokyoso said...

hey sorry about the double posting.

I noticed that in USA there is a $100 rebate right now on pentax lenses, so I did some comparison shopping. It seems like lenses are cheaper in japan? DA 40/2.8ltd goes for about $340 in Japan, in USA its about $460 (without rebates). Is that generally true?

Hin Man said...

@tokyoso, I think you have a great deal from Japan. I bought my DA 40mm f/2.8 limited used from BHPhoto for $249.00. I heard good things about RawTherapee

tokyoso said...

Thanks for the suggestion. RawTherapee opened my PEF files without any color shifts!

danhtl said...

Hi! I was searching info for pentax k-x and I came across to your blog. First time visit and great job on the pictures(esp love this B/W and the disney post)!

Just a quick question, do you always use filters for this camera? Also, wonder if you could kindly give me some suggestion on filter selection for k-x. (I'm new to DSLR and not sure how well the filters work). Greatly appreciated!!

Hin Man said...

@danhtl, thank you for the visit. I don't use any optical filters but rather the internal filters that are available from K-x. Those are likely similar to software post processing that manipulate the image.

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