Film vs Digital


Bravos to the cartoonist in shoebox and no matter how hard I try to discipline myself, I have many repeated pictures that are cloning each other. And let us not forget about those raw and virtual copies in editing.

I have my highest respects to my friends who still shoots films regularly. I am fortunate to have a number of my flickr contacts shooting films quite regular and that I visit their work often to get inspired.

Though it has been my life long dreams to keep films as part of my hobby, I find myself shooting much less as more digital gear advances while the support of films seem dwindling especially on the scanning equipment and the uncertainty of films not available tomorrow.

It is a shame that I am in discussion with forum friend in letting go my Pentax 645N with FA 45, A 75, LS 135 and A 120, I do it as a necessary step to cut down my hobby cost. I will use my Yashica Mat-124G with broken meter instead. I am hoping the many 120 rolls that I got last year will get some use soon.



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