Sigma Super-Wide II 24mm f/2.8


Here are few pictures using the Sigma Super-Wide II 24mm f/2.8 on K7 and Sony nex 5N while waiting for the Lens Turbo delivery. When my LT comes, my 24/35 will be like 25mm /37mm lens in the focal reducer with 0.71 wider conversion when used with LT on APS-C camera. It is cool to have a real 25mm FOV from a 24mm. And the normal view from a 35mm won't be too far from 37mm FOV.


K7 @ f/3.5

K7 @ f/4.5

K7 @ f/3.2

I don't like the original petal lens hood from the Sigma Super-Wide II. For some odd reason, Sigma names it the perfect lens hood. One can't use the original lens cap with the hood, how perfect can that be. I replace the hood with a small 52mm round metal lens hood and I do see quite a bit of lens flare. May need to re-try with the not-so-perfect original hood. This shot has less flare when I purposely move away from the sun on right

with K7



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