Sigma EX 19mm and 30mm f/2.8 in Academy Of Sciences


Reproducing by hin_man, on Flickr
1/25 sec, f/3.5, 30mm, iso 800, -1 Ev


Resting by hin_man, on Flickr
1/320 sec, f/3.2, 30mm, iso 100, -1 Ev
big crop near 1/10th of the original

DeYoung Museum In A Distance

DSC05812 by hin_man, on Flickr
1/500, f/7.1, 19mm, iso 100, 0 Ev

San Francisco Street Scene

Scooter Motorbike by hin_man, on Flickr
1/2500 sec, f/3.2, 19mm, iso 100, 0 Ev

All are taken with nex 5N. I wish to have a viewfinder as in nex 6 as the sun in afternoon really gets in the way of framing when I use 19mm in San Francisco. I have a LCD pop out screen already but when the sunlight is too strong, I can only rough guess on the framing.

I don't know when, the Sigma 60mm will be in my Lowepro Event Messenger bag some day

shot with Sigma 30mm wide open in f/2.8



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