Spotmatic and Super (SMC) Takumar Crush

My film counter is onto the 3rd photo on my Spotmatic -- a shame.  I don't even know what model that my Spotmatic actually belong.   My copy is neither the ES version or the ES II version.  And it does not have the hot shoe and the SP signature.

One newbie question that I have is on the focusing screen with the Spotmatic. I have not gotten used to the focusing screen without a split screen, is there any trick that any of the Spotmatic loyalist and fan can share with me in coping with the focusing screen. I have found it to be quite difficult to be obtain focus especially in indoor shooting. I can set the M/A switch to A to focus wide open but I can easily move the focus position in toggling back from A to M. Do you know if the focusing screen on ES is replaceable? Also any recommended for places to develop and scan developed b&w film into digital with reliable results will be of great interest to me.

In getting the LBA flu (lens buying addiction flu that I get after every new year or the silly new year resoluiton), I get hooked with a SuperTakumar 35mm f/3.5. Everyone who does not mind slower lens has to give the Super-Tak 35mm f/3.5 a try, it is my most awesome M42 lens that is around $60 a piece with outstanding condition and with the original lens hood.

I absolutely go non-stop on the Super-Takumar (or SMC) and please don't embarrass me to list all the takumar related lens that I have secretly accumulated. It goes roughly in every apertures that you can find from 28mm to 150mm and the only thing that place a stop for me in getting the rarer super-Tak 200mm f/3.5 or the takumar 35mm f/2.3 are the joel-blow who outbid me in evilBay.

So there it goes my side-track story in my break-promise on the Spotmatic and 135 films. But in all honesty, I am so thankful to have bumped into the Spotmatic family because of my LBA flu on SMC (super)-Takumar lens series.

I love Dwayne Photo in Kansas as I think they are one of the most reliable in film development but I have a hard time with the low resolution scanning and hence I want to find an alternative place with good development like DWayne Photo but with good quality scanning. These three places are mentioned in my earlier thread with Black Spotmatic Beauty. I heard good thing in North Coast Photo and will try out a scan and report back hopefully soon.

North Coast Photo appears to offer $5.75 C-41 develop and $6.95 for budget scans. Printing looks to add another $5-6.5, and then shipping on top of everything.

The Darkroom does $10 process and scan, $5 for prints and $4 for shipping.

Photographic Works (who I've used for 4x5" in the past) in Tucson does C-41 for $3.5, scans for 30 from an uncut roll ($10ish), apparently no option for typical 4x6" prints. Plus shipping.



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