Lens Turbo with Helios Helios 44M-4


#1 Brick Wall with FLT

1/60 sec, 58mm, f/2.0, iso 1600, -1.3 Ev, hand-held
Helios 44M-4, Lens Turbo, nex 5N

I am the wrong person tasked to take test shots. I never enjoy any type of shooting aimed for getting a comparison. I enjoy shooting photos to show how a lens can work with me on the field. Maybe I am not a science or nerdy guy who like to compare numbers but rather someone who goes with instinct, the artistic sense and the overall feeling of a lens.

In my short time with the Helios, it is a great bargain but I prefer the Super-Takumar over it as I love everything about the build in the Takumar from the small size, to the finest manual focus ring there is for me to appreciate continuously and the friendly God sent 49mm filter size. With the Helios, I am absolutely lost on the filter size and lens hood, I can't fit 58mm, 55mm, and 52mm lens hood. If you know the Helios lens hood size, please clue me in.

#2 Burger King Menu At Night

1/60 sec, 58mm, f/2.0, iso 100, -1 Ev, hand-held

Helios 44M-4, Lens Turbo, nex 5N

Both my boys are I are on the same page in picking the Pulled Pork in the menu when we discuss the above picture.

3 Flare At Night

1/60 sec, 58mm f/2.0, iso 1000, -1 Ev, hand-held
Helios 44M-4, Lens Turbo, nex 5N

Without the lens hood, the helios will flare beautifully but I have not shot enough to find the artistic sensation with flare. Will try it another night.

#4 Green Light

1/60 sec, 58mm f/2.0, iso 1600, -1.3 Ev, hand-held
Helios 44M-4, Lens Turbo, nex 5N

This one in color. I love the curve line and I focus near and have the lens wide open. The street are pretty much quiet and I will find another interesting scene another time. The Lens Turbo gains one stop of light for the Helios. When I shoot wide open, it is actually f/2.0 - 1 stop and the FOV become 58mm * 1.5 * 0.72 with the focal reducer factor in 0.72. The FOV becomes 62.64mm which is close to the original FOV and the lens get close to f/1.4 at wide open aperture. But of course all at the expense of field curvature and with corner performance going down. I shoot mostly looking for the center sharpness and Lens Turbo fit my shooting well. With the Lens Turbo, all my FF lenses are closer to the FF field of view. Just imagine all in a sudden, my 28mm become a wild angle and a 35mm give me back the normal view in FF.


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