Lens Turbo with Sigma Super-Wide II 24mm f/2.8

My lens turbo with K-mount just arrives yesterday. Here are few quick snaps with NEX 5N and Sigma Super-Wide 24mm f/2.8 shooting wide open in f/2.8.

The return of the full frame field of view is very welcome but at the same time it will take some time for me to get used to original FOV. All in a sudden, my 24mm is too wide. I think it is a good thing, don't you think?

Sigma Super-Wide 24mm f/2.8 on top of Lens Turbo for Pentax k-mount

1/125 sec, iso 400, -1 Ev, f/2.8, hand-held

1/15 sec, iso 800, -1 Ev, f/2.8, hand-held

1/10 sec, iso 800, -1 Ev, f/2.8, hand-held, likely lens flare with some ghosting in the image

f/2.8, some post processing for minor contrast adjustment

Please excuse the poor subjects of testing as I took a night walk and that was the usual time that I have for photography. More pictures will be placed in this flickr set with Lens Turbo .

I did more night shooting with the Sigma and LT in wide open aperture.

1/8 sec, iso 800, -0.7 Ev, f/2.8, 24m, sigma + LT, hand-held

1/60 sec, iso 800, -0.7 Ev, f/2.8, 24m, sigma + LT, hand-held

1/6 sec, iso 400, f/2.8, -0.3Ev, 24m, sigma + LT, hand-held.

I tried to test lens flare on the above picture but so far I have not seen the central blue spot issue that others have reported with Lens turbo in shooting straight into strong light source.

1/15 sec, iso 800, -1.0 Ev, f/2.8, 24m, sigma + LT, hand-held, field curvature issue noted on roof line
To me the Sigma is a great match for my usage. I don't use the combination for landscape. The previous Fire Station No 3 picture may have shown the field curvature issue people noted on the use of LT with the added glass element in focal reduction. I noted the roof line is bent down on both corners. It may be too dark for one to see and here is another sample where one can see the curve line of the roof line especially towards the corners on top.



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