Kodak BW400CN Film Discontinuation Notice


KODAK PROFESSIONAL BW400CN Film -- discontinuation notice on August 14, 2014 

I am novice on films. I find this journalistic C41 b&w film to be unique with fine grain, great contrast and creamy look. I preferred it over the Ilford XP2. I find BW400CN easiest to scan as color negatives and have the dust removal feature available in scanning. Even my lowly flatbed cannon scanner at home likes this film.

Kodak BW400CN Film Discontinuation Notice
IMG_0001-2 by hin_man, on Flickr
shot with Kodak BW400CN, scanned with Canon 8800F

Kodak BW400CN Film Discontinuation Notice
DSC07506 by hin_man, on Flickr
Two more rolls to go

I quite often see this film on display in places like Walmart and CVS, I thought wrongly that this film will last longer than others. The discontinuation notice of BW400CN in Kodak's site leads me to this wonderful 100% film photographer

Tanja Lippert  -- http://www.tanjalippert.com/

and the discovery of this wonderful development place that she has used for her professional work

Indie Film Lab  -- http://indiefilmlab.com/

All is not lost in this piece of sad news, I hope the few films that I love live on -- Fuji Acros 100, Kodak Tri-X 400 and Kodak Ektar. 


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