Sony HDR AS100VR with Wireless Remote

I have thought about Olympus TG-860 but I have held up the thought of another camera. I settled with a Sony HDR-AS100VR with a remote that I can wear on my hand to control the start and stop of recording as well as a life display of video, photo or interval shooting of photos. Please remember all gear has its kirks and it is unlikely you will enjoy the gear on your first outing as much as you do after some usage but that can happen on your spring break. 

sony hdr-as100vr with wireless remote

Gear In Skiing 
by Hin Man, on Flickr

My action camera is similar to the GoPro3. It is not cheap but cheaper than the GoPro3 when I got it back in 2013. 

please excuse the sloppiness as it is my first time skiing down doing selfie with a selfie stick and my action camera down a slope that I crashed before

I think the GeekPro is worth your consideration as I do see good ratings from Amazon. It is better to get informed on its shortcomings before your final decision. The trip itself is more important than the gear that you end up using. Just make an informed decision and enjoy it on your trip.

I love the image quality of the little white sony camera

sony hdr-as100vr with wireless remote

by Hin Man, on Flickr

All the above with the exception of the last picture with a skier on red was shot with Sony action camera while the red skier was shot with a simple p&s with Samsung DV300F

However, as soon as it gets dark, cloudy or indoor, picture quality degrade somewhat faster than I would like to see. In good lighting, that camera along with any p&s will do fine for family trips.

sony hdr-as100vr with wireless remote
Skiing Mt. Rose 

by Hin Man, on Flickr


LaRee Brownell said...

I would say you made the right choice. The results you are getting is very impressive!

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