BabyBoy A Survivor -- Find Your Inner Animal

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Message to Tyler's Mom

I am a friend of Tu and Sam Rash and I learned about your son's situation.  I shot a picture to hopefully cheer up Tyler.

"BabyBoy is a survivor.  I met him in Mono Lake in Old Marina parking lot where I found BabyBoy with a stick.  I later learned from her owner and carer that BabyBoy is now 4 months old and he lost his Mom along with three siblings at birth.  He survived all complications since birth and he was as playful as ever when I met him in Mono Lake Old Marina.  In hardship and survival moments -- Find Your Inner Animal ."

I will continue to remember Tyler's needs and remember your family in my prayer.  And I have placed a facebook timeline and my photo corner blog to help spread the needs for Tyler.  I wish to tell Tyler to Find His Inner Animal for survival as well as playful and cheerful through the trial and critical period.  


Link to Tyler's GoFundMe page:


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