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Tyler Polanco is 8 year's old and was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  It is a cancer of the bone with tumors inside the bone marrow. He has undergone chemotherapy, will have two bone marrow transplants, followed by radiation therapy and lastly by immunotherapy. This will be an 18 month long journey to eradicate the disease.

At this time the family is enduring emotional and physical strain from this heart wrenching diagnosis. Along with that are the unplanned financial hardships, and the cost of being off  of work in June for 12 long weeks-during the transplants.

Every dollar donated will help the family keep up with bills while they tend to Tyler's health. So please give what you can as it means a lot to the family.  James and Jackie will be so grateful for your help! It will mean: not having to spend time worrying about making ends meet. It will allow them to focus their time and attention on Tyler's health while raising their other two children.

Thank you in advance for sharing this link with your family, friends, colleagues!

Please click GoFundMe link to see details.  I know Sam and Tu in FaceBook who knew Tyler's family and I want to help and I am trying to spread the medical need and the call for help for Tyler in my blog page.


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