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After writing many short tutorials and demos on using Picasa 2, it is about time to gather those links for a sitemap of Picasa tutorials.

This blog post is to be updated frequently. Please drop me a comment if there is a certain topic that you like to see along with these short tutorials.

1. IMGP2204, 2. IMGP2152, 3. IMGP2020, 4. IMGP2019, 5. Blown Highlight in Picasa, 6. IMGP1527, 7. IMGP1357, 8. IMGP1354, 9. Not easy to be me, 10. IMGP1064, 11. IMGP1063, 12. UPS & Shell, 13. Pretty Sky, 14. Pretty Sky & Barn House, 15. Home & Blue Sky, 16. DSCF0909, 17. DSCF0896, 18. DSCF0885, 19. DSCF0863, 20. DSCF0857, 21. DSCF0786, 22. Macau Post Office b&w, 23. DSCF0584 in b&w, 24. DSCF0570, 25. P1010012, 26. Mission Blvd McDonald, 27. Looking, 28. bloomingdales, 29. Picasa Focal B&W, 30. Picasa Focal B&W, 31. CIMG3275, 32. CIMG3274, 33. Saturated Bench, 34. sf_bay_bridge, 35. SF Airport Art, 36. CIMG3359


Basic Editing

Tuning & Effects


Anonymous said...

Very useful tutorials Hin! Not sure if this one would be any use to you:



Anonymous said...

I've not used Picasa, but this seems to be very detailed. Good work.

Hin Man said...

Thank you for the kind words. I will keep updating this tutorials sitemap. I will appreciate feedbacks to Picasa Tutorials. Your comments and feedbacks will go a long way in my blogging and learning with Picasa. Thank you for your support.

Jos said...

Thank you, Hin Man. This is very useful!

Bruce in Regina said...

Very useful tutorials Hin. Thank you so much for posting them. I will definitely be back.

Neva said...

Hi Hin, I am looking to upgrade from a little point and shoot digital but don't know very much about cameras. Is there a camera you would recommend for a novice that isn't too complicated to learn but will give me an opportunity to improve the quality of my pictures?

Unknown said...

Hi Hin
What happens when you have loaded the same pictures in picasa, more than once. How do I remove them and still hold on to a set in picasa??????and not delete them all??

Cymen said...

Congratulations on being mentioned in the New York Times! That is exciting and a wonderful boost for your blog.

Matthew Bamberg said...

Hey Hin, thanks! I'm doing stuff with Picasa.

I got two books recently published (I think you reviewed my Dummies book)



debt solution said...

thanks man, very much..,great tutorials

Anonymous said...

thank you ! quite helpful article!

Hin Man said...

This is a spam protected blog page. Any comments with no relevance to this blog article is automatically deleted.

eddiestinson said...

I'm an old guy who is confounded with computer stuff.

My question concerns Picasa.

I would like to know how I can view various friends albums.

Many thanks,

eddie stinson

Ac Jitu said...

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