Photography ABC on 'B'


I am very excited to participate on a BlogCatalog discussion of photographers linking together with a picture themed on letter 'B' on this week. I chose my baby picture for the event.


Photograph ABC on 8/1/2007:

Basque Busy Bee Bussing Buckaroo Blanke
Blechnum Brasiliense Beachcomming
Bullet Hole Bee Cuz Baby Bose


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Sorry, I'm late to see your 'ABC' photo. What a beautiful child.

Hin Man said...

Thanks for the comment and update of the links for tech corner. But you still miss the link for my Hin's Photo Blog

Hope you can update, I will remind you in the 'B' post later on.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

How did you do the ABC pool thing and can we steal it?

Hin Man said...

You can borrow the html code for the scrollable box if that is what you are referring to. Sample of html code lives in this similar blog post

Hope this helps you. Reply back if that is not obvious to you -- the HTML code of wrapping links with <div> and </div>

Anonymous said...

Is the baby yours? He's pretty cute. Good photos.

Hin Man said...

Yes, he is my younger son. Pinyo, I will pray for your upcoming baby. I learn about your baby in your About page. I am happy for you and I will do my part for prayer -- I am Christian and we all do prayers for everyone, all for FREE, no $$$ attached.

mrsnesbitt said...

Thanks for all your help, do keep me on the technical highway! Check my blog later and see if you can help me sort out a quick way to add the blogroll.


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