Takumar Asahi 28-80mm Macro Pentax A mount


Yeah, I thought I never would fall for LBA (Lens Buying Addiction) as I am running a low budget for my hobby. Maybe too much coffee or something. When I saw my watched item close to expiration in ebay, I click and then somewhat remorse for not doing the proper research. And I fall for this one today getting TAKUMAR ASAHI 28-80mm MACRO from ebay with beautiful pictures form the
ebay vendor J.D.Katz in eBay who specializes in Minolta gear. Pictures are courtesy from store owner J.D.Katz.

My first LBA costs me $37 bucks plus shipping and I later find out people complaining about it as a crappy lens. There are threads praising Takumar on the M42 mount version. How would a newbie like me can tell? My bad excuse but still a little bit of remorseful!!! It is coming in a week's time and time will tell. I like to be challenged with inexpensive lens such as the kit's len and the DA 50-200. I bought this lens for the following purposes:
  1. An inexpensive M lens with A for auto aperture so that I don't need to stop down to have proper exposure. I need to venture into the untapped world of Pentax old M lens and M42 lens in the future.

  2. I can't find the equivalent of A 50 mm f/1.7 for a reasonable price to try out the highly regarded M lens and I personally find zoom lens to be easier for me to frame my shot.

  3. I like the range of 28-80mm and it has macro although I don't know the spec for the macro.
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Digital Flower Pictures said...

Ah, now that I know LBA has a name maybe I can get help for it. ;-)

Good luck with the new lens.

Anonymous said...

This must cost a bomb for such a camera lens. I wish i was good at photography..

Hin Man said...

Thank you for the kind comments and encouragement.

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